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We are dedicated to...

Providing the best in animal health care through state-of-the-art knowledge and technology, combined with experience, practicality and informed client participation.

Our Practice Philosophy...

We place a high priority on employing the latest in veterinary medical advancements, particularly where they provide safer, less-invasive, more rapid and accurate solutions to animal health problems.  We place an even higher priority on using our practical experience with credibility, common sense, integrity and compassion.

In this way we uphold the finest tradition of the “Country Vets” that came before us.

Our Business Philosophy...

We do not perceive the delivery of veterinary healthcare as a commodity subject to merchandising.  That’s why you will not see us offer coupons, advertised discounts or other marketing gimmicks designed to get you in the door.

We are here to provide the best in healthcare anytime you need it, with the guarantee that we will do this in the most cost-effective manner possible, all of the time.

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Since 1986 High Desert Veterinary has been dedicated to upholding the highest standards and traditions of veterinary practice.

High Desert Veterinary

60885 S.E. 27th Street     Bend, Oregon  97702     Ph:  541-382-9262     Fax:  541-317-0550



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To meet the goals of our practice, we are committed to...

 •Maintaining a highly skilled and dedicated staff to assure that both our clients and patients receive the thorough, individualized and personal attention they deserve.

A doctor-client partnership in animal care based on confidence, trust and personal communication.

· Reliable availability of doctors for consultation, appointments and follow-up care.

· Continuing education for doctors and staff and ongoing investment in technologic innovations for diagnosis and treatment.

· Consultation with board certified specialists and referral when needed.

· Utilizing only the highest quality vaccines, pharmaceuticals and nutritional therapeutics available.

High Desert Veterinary clinic in Bend Oregon High Desert Veterinary

Dogs believe they are human.  Cats believe they are God.


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