Special attention to your pet is needed in the first few days after surgery. It is common to observe slight depression in appetite and attitude for 48 to 72 hours. Your pet may sleep more than usual and lick at the incision, causing it to appear slightly red. Any behavior changes which exceed these, or excessive irritation of the surgical site should be reported immediately. Special post-surgical care should include:

1. Confinement to a clean area and restricted activity until the sutures or surgical staples are removed.

2. Do not bathe your pet or allow swimming until sutures or surgical staples are removed.

3. Observe eating, drinking, urinating and defecating behaviors. Report any substantial changes from normal.

4. Check incision daily. Remove any crusted drainage or scabs with hydrogen peroxide or warm water; this should be necessary for only the first few days post-op. If excessive licking occurs, an E collar should be used. A light application of Neosporin can also be used directly over and around the incision. If the problem does not resolve itself within 12 hours, report back to us for further instructions.

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