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Pet’s Professional Care

Our highly trained veterinarians and professional staff provide routine and advanced diagnostics and treatments for small animals and horses. We are committed to providing the best care possible and offering the most advanced diagnostic and treatment modalities available, while maintaining the one on one client contact and time that has always set us apart.

Surgical services for dogs, cats and horses

Internal Medicine

•Cardiology/Pulmonology: diseases of the heart & lungs

•Gastroenterology: diseases of the stomach & intestines

•Nephrology/Urology: diseases of the kidney & urinary tract

•Dermatology: diseases of the skin

•Ophthalmology: diseases of the eye

•Otology: diseases of the ears

•Allergy/Immune System Diseases

•Infectious Diseases

•Oncology: cancer diagnosis & treatment

Wellness / Preventive Health Care

•Healthy Puppy, Kitten, Adult & Geriatric programs: prevention of infectious disease, early detection and management of age-related medical  problems: vaccinations, disease titers, parasite control, wellness exams & health check screening.

•Spay & Neuter, Tail-Dock & Dew-Claw Excision

•Permanent ID: microchip or tattoo

•Nutrition for general health & disease treatment: consultation for home-cooked, commercial and  prescription diets

•Weight Management: programs for maintaining  optimum body condition for health & fitness

•State-of-the-Art Dentistry

•Rapid Diagnosis & Treatment of Life-threatening PhyMedical sical Injury or Metabolic Crises Requiring Immediate and/or Surgical Attention

Surgical Services

Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL) repair

•Fracture repair

•Trauma & Emergency Surgery

•Abdominal & Soft Tissue Surgery

•Tumor Biopsy & Removal

All Performed with

State-Of-The-Art Anesthesia and Pain Control

Advanced Diagnostic Services

•Radiology: In-house and mobile digital radiographs providing high-definition images of bone & soft tissue.

•Electrocardiology: Electrical imaging of the heart and intra-operative anesthetic monitoring.

•Ultrasonography:  Sound wave imaging of soft tissues, internal organs, the eyes, the heart and the reproductive tract.

•Endoscopy: Visual inspection, foreign body retrieval and biopsy of digestive tract, cavity, ear canals, etc.

•Laboratory Diagnostics: Complete in-house and referral clinical pathology, cytology and clinical laboratory  testing.

•Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA): evaluation of hip joints for pre-breeding & soundness. Also providing OFA certifications for elbow dysplasia, congenital cardiac, thyroid and patellar luxation.

Equine Services

•Wellness Care/Preventive Medicine

•Pre-purchase Evaluation

•Lameness Evaluation and Treatment

•Comprehensive Dental Care

•Conformation and Gait Analysis

•Nutritional Consultation & Supplements

•In-House Therapeutic Shoeing

•Performance Evaluations & Management

•Conditioning Programs

•Reproductive Services

•Board and Lay-up Care

Sport Dog Health, Performance & Reproduction

•Medical Care & Management of Hunting Dogs, Sled Dogs & Other Canine Athletes for Optimum Health, Fitness, Performance & Breeding

•Clean and Polish Prophylaxis

•Oral Surgery & Extractions

•Periodontal Treatment

•Fluoride Treatment

•Enamel Restorative Treatments

•Comprehensive Equine Dentistry

Sled dog care and other canine athletes

Fracture Repairs

Trauma & Critical Care

Dental Services

Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy uses a beam of light to stimulate a healing response in cells which leads to reduced pain, reduced inflammation and increased healing speed.  

* Non invasive

* Produces a soothing warmth

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