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Cranial Cruciate Ligament Surgical Repair

Below are photos showing a Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL) repair performed by Dr. Tony Oddo

Lateral skin approach

Medial arthrotomy

Inspect CCL remnant

Excise CCL remnant

Remnant CCL removed / Menisci inspection

Capsular imbrication to close joint

Capsular imbrication completed

Drilling upper tibial crest tunnels for Securos® stabilization loops

Drilling lower tibial crest tunnel for Securos® stabilization loops

Locating medial Fabella below Sartorius muscle

Anchoring Securos® loop around a medial

Fabellar ligament

Passing Securos® loop through the Tibial

crest tunnels

Checking tension of medial loop

Securing crimp to form loop

Exposing lateral Fabella under Fascia lata

Anchoring Securos® loop around lateral

Fabellar ligament

Placing Securos® loop under Cranial Tibialis muscle

Passing lateral Securos® loop through tunnels in the tibial crest

Checking tension of lateral Securos® loop

Securing the crimp to form the lateral loop

Closing laterally with Fascia lata overlap

Closing Cranial Tibialis Fascia

Closing medially with a Sartorius overlap

Administering intra-articular Bupivicaine

Staple skin closure

Post-op bandage