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“I got my Lab Lizzie from the Humane Society when I first moved to Central Oregon.  High Desert Veterinary was my closest clinic and Dr. Tony Oddo came highly recommended.  I decided to give them a try. My first encounter with Dr. Oddo came at 9 p.m. one night when Lizzie got cheat grass in her eye and was in obvious pain. Feeling quite anxious, I called the clinic thinking I’d have to wait at least until morning to get help.  Surprisingly Dr. Oddo answered and said, “Can you meet me at the office in 5 minutes?” I couldn’t believe my good fortunes as I loaded Lizzie into the car. With the utmost skill and care Dr. Oddo extracted the grass (checking eLigament repair on lab dogars as well) and that was the beginning of a wonderful working relationship that has grown through the years. All went well for Lizzie until one day she began limping badly on her right hind leg. I took her to Tony who informed me she had badly torn her ACL. After he explained to me in detail what had happened, showed me her films and described what would be done in surgery, I trusted that his surgical plan was the best option. Tony is very fond of doing ACL surgeries because every one is different and they allow him to use his considerable skill and experience in that arena. Lizzie’s surgery went very well, but keeping a Lab from chewing on stitches is, I discovered, extremely difficult. After the third time (really) that she got at them I came to the office in tears, embarrassed and frustrated. Emily, Hallie and Amber were wonderfully supportive and kind, making me feel like it happened all the time and I really wasn’t a bad “doggie mom”. Tony just gave me a hug and stitched her up again sending me home with an even bigger “cone of shame”. But the saga doesn’t stop there. Four weeks after Lizzie’s first knee healed she tore the other one! Again Tony and I discussed all the options including cost, knee braces and quality of life for her individual case. Instead of rushing into another surgery, he sent me home to think about what was the best for us. Surgery again was clearly the best choice and Dr. Tony did another superb job (Emily even cleaned her teeth as a surprise).  Today Lizzie is recuperating well.  I really can’t say enough about the quality of treatment, fair pricing and constant support she and I have been given at High Desert Veterinary.  I know that Dr. Tony Oddo and his fine staff are literally there for Lizzie and me day or night. I’ve found a true professional partnership and in addition have made wonderful friends.”

“Tony, I want to thank you for taking my late night call last night regarding our dog Gus. Hearing your opinion on my dog's condition was very helpful and gave us some comfort in making the decision to put him down last night. You were so kind to help us. Our next dog will be under your care.  Thank you “

Don’t accept your dog’s admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful.

                                                                      Ann Landers

“It took us 4 vets to (sort of) replace Dr. John Carr when he left Santa Cruz.  We sure do miss him!”

“The vets and office people have always been helpful.  They saw me through the loss of a dog and three cats within 3 months.  I want to thank the vets and the rest of them very much.”

“Huge thanks to Dr. Barkhurst, Dr. Oddo and the entire High Desert Veterinary team for giving us a healthy, happy Katie when we thought we might lose her. Your quick diagnosis and caring treatment of her made a tough situation so much better!”

“It’s been a little over a year since I moved out of Southern California – practicing life there for over 63 years. Bend has been a dream come true for me and the largest part of that dream was having a wonderful backyard to have a 110% Rottweiler pup. My fiancée had immediately said we should go to Dr. Oddo to check on our new family member, so we did. He had known “Tony” for probably 15 years – had only great experiences with him through his daughter and those experiences included dogs, cats, and horses. SO, our Rottweiler has had the best of care since day one. We also wanted a playmate for our baby and Tony suggested breeds that would be a good mix, gave us contact information for the greatest foster lady on this planet, and “poof”, a second dog is on our scene, again taken wonderful care of by Tony and his fabulous staff. The office is clean, friendly, knowledgeable, everything is explained to you in language you can understand – I never feel like I am being “over-sold”; In fact they will always tell you if they think you should NOT do something or if it is not necessary in your situation. Anyone who loves their pet and wants great service should go to High Desert Veterinary Clinic!”

“I've been taking my dogs to High Desert for the past 4 years. Dr. Tony has always been very wonderful to work with. We recently just had to put one of our dogs down and Dr. Carr was just as wonderful and understanding during such a terrible time for us. The staff at High Desert is always so friendly and caring. I trust them completely with my fur babies!”

“Love the vets at High Desert. Competent, caring, professional. My dog has had excellent care for 8 years and onward.”